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Remote Antennas for UHF-R, BLX4R, SLX, ULX, QLX-D or ULX-D Receivers

Remote Antennas for UHF Wireless Microphones Click here for an online remote antenna tool. Antennas are described in terms of the signal wavelength they are designed to pick up. The antenna supplied with Shure...

Combining Multiple UA874 Antennas

It is possible to connect multiple antennae to a single receiver or distribution amplifier.  The primary goal is to maintain adequate signal strength along the antenna lines.  Using in-line amplifiers and/or a...

Calculate effective operating area of UA874, UA870 or PA805

This procedure will provide a rough estimate. For this example, assume the directional antenna is 40 feet away from the performance stage, pointed at the stage. The operating area of the antenna can be considered an equilateral t...

Current Draw - UA830, UA870, UA874, UABIAST

UA830 inline antenna amplifier: maximum current draw of 125mA @12Vdc UA870 directional antenna with RF amplifier: maximum current draw of 79mA @12Vdc UA874 directional antenna with RF amplifier: maximum current draw of 60mA @...

BNC Connector Nut Thread Size

The thread size for the BNC connector nut is ½-28 UNEF. (EF = Extra Fine)

Will the Shure UA874 or UA870 antenna work if DC power is not supplied?

An unpowered UA874 (or UA870) antenna is essentially an inoperative device. The UA874 Log Periodic Directional Antenna (LPDA) is designed to receive wireless microphone RF signals. It is a directional wideband antenna and a...

A75M Universal Mic Mount as an Antenna Mount

Yes, the A75M is useful for this application. The A75M is supplied with a male 5/8"-27 external thread stud - the same thread that is on the top of mic stands commonly used in the United States. The A75M can be clamped to a var...

WA874ZP Cover for Directional Antenna

Yes.  The WA874ZP cover was introduced in the Spring 2013.  It is moisture-resistant, but not moisure-proof as it has a zippered opening for the antenna.  The cover is black vinyl with the Shure logo inscribed on b...

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