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Four UA864 or UA870 with a ULXD receiver

Sometimes, in a wireless mic installation it is necessary to combine antennas from multiple rooms, such as shown at: Antenna Distribution - 2 rooms, 4 antennas There was an issue (now resolved) when connecting...

UA864US antenna mounting scheme and plenum rating

The UA864US in NOT plenum rated.  It shall not be installed in a plenum air supply or plenum air return. The UA864US includes a removable mounting plate. The mounting plate can be attached with screws to an electrical&n...

UA864US Antenna - Does it require 12Vdc bias to operate?

The UA864 antenna will work without 12V dc bias in the 0, -10, and -20 switch positions; note that the LED gain setting indicators will not illuminate. 12Vdc bias is required for the +10 dB setting. Recommended practice...

UA864US as a PSM transmitting antenna

Yes, but only if: 1) UA864US gain switch is set to 0 dB. 2) Maximum RF input is 100 mW.  

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