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Remote Antennas for UHF-R, BLX4R, SLX, ULX, QLX-D or ULX-D Receivers

Remote Antennas for UHF Wireless Microphones Click here for an online remote antenna tool. Antennas are described in terms of the signal wavelength they are designed to pick up. The antenna supplied with Shure...

Antenna Distribution - 4 rooms, 8 antennas

For multiple room coverage, use passive combiners. Since they do not require power and are typically compact, they can be located wherever necessary. A passive combiner will typically result in at least 3 dB of loss, so be sure t...

1/4 wave antenna with the UA834 RF amplifier?

The performance of a 1/4 wave antenna mounted directly to a UA834 amplifier could be acceptable. However, a 1/2 wave antenna is strongly recommended.

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