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UA221 Modification for DC bias and antenna combining

UA221 conversion to UA220 DC blocking Capacitor removal In certain applications it may be necessary to use multiple remote antennas. If the antenna runs exceed 25' they may require an inline amplifier, such as the UA834...

Antenna Distribution - 4 rooms, 8 antennas

For multiple room coverage, use passive combiners. Since they do not require power and are typically compact, they can be located wherever necessary. A passive combiner will typically result in at least 3 dB of loss, so be sure t...

Combining Multiple UA874 Antennas

It is possible to connect multiple antennae to a single receiver or distribution amplifier.  The primary goal is to maintain adequate signal strength along the antenna lines.  Using in-line amplifiers and/or a...

Antenna distribution for 2 SLX wireless receivers

Rack the two SLX receivers side by side and passively combine the antennas, using the UA221. When racking two receivers side-by-side, there is enough room to bring the antennas to the front in that same rack space. Use the antenn...

Antenna distribution for 2 ULX wireless receivers

There are a few options: 1) Leave each ULX receiver in its own rack space. By placing each receiver in its own rack space, the long rack ear has two holes in it for the antennas. Use (2) UA600 kits to bring the antennas from...

Power for multiple remote antenna amplifiers

The best way to inject DC power for multiple remote antenna amplifiers is with a product called a “Bias-Tee”. The Bias-T is inserted in-line on the coaxial cable. It allows the radio signal to pass through the device, while simul...

Which leg of UA221 passes DC voltage?

One side of the UA221 splitter is marked with a Shure logo, arrows, "ANT", "R1", and "R2". The R1 - ANT path passes DC. The R2 - ANT path blocks DC, as does the R1 - R2 path.

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