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Replacement stylus for M95ED

Sorry, M95ED is no longer available from Shure. The following companies might still have stock: Sources for Discontinued Styli and Phono Cartridges

Discontinuation of the V15VxMR cartridge and VN5xMR stylus

November 2004 - Shure regretfully announces discontinuation of our V15VxMR phonograph cartridge due to scarcity of exotic materials essential in the manufacturing of the VN5xMR stylus. These materials are increasingly diffic...

Source for V15V MR stylus and V15VxMR stylus

As of January 2011, there is a company in Japan selling a VN5MR replacement stylus (V15V MR) and a VN5xMR replacement stylus (V15VxMR.) NOTE: These replacement styli are not manufactured by Shur...

Conical stylus for Shure M55E cartridge

The N44-7 stylus is conical (0.0007" radius) and tracks at 1.5 to 3 grams. It will fit the M55E body.

White Label Stylus with SC35C Cartridge

The N-WHLB stylus will fit into the SC35C cartridge body. However, as with any "hybrid" cartridge such as this, please read: Use an Alternate Phono Stylus? Buy an New "Old" Phono Stylus?

V15VxMR, M97xE replacement stylus and M92E version for 78rpm records

The M97xE stylus will fit the V15VxMR body, but will NOT fit in the V15VMR body.  Also, see the following link: Stylus Re-tipping The N78S Stylus (for 78 RPM playback) will fit into the M92E Cartridge.  Buy th...

M92E body with N97xE stylus

Yes.  The N97xE stylus will fit into the M92E body.  It looks odd, but it works.   Several customers have reported quite favorable results. However, please read this link: Hybrid Phono Cartridges

Custom made styli or stylus re-tipping

Shure does not, but here are two sources that do: Expert Stylus Company Omega House 50 Harriotts Lane Ashtead Surrey KY 21 2QB United Kingdom Telephone: +44-(0)-1372-276604 Fax:...

How often should I change a phono stylus?

There are too many variables to be able to answer this question precisely. Some people get 1 month out of a stylus, others get 20 years because they take pristine care of their equipment. Typically, if the sound quality has becom...

78 rpm styli

The M7D is a very old cartridge and Shure no longer offers a stylus for it. There may be third party suppliers that still have M7D styli. In the U.S., try The Needle Doctor at 800-229-0644. The record grooves of 78RPM record...

Stylus for M70BX

The stylus model is N70BX. Shure Parts might have a few remaining in inventory: call 800-516-2525. If not, there are many sources where you can purchase discontinued Shure styli. The N35X stylus does ft M70BX and will w...

Phono cartridge sounds "thin" after storage

Is there some component in the cartridge that degrades with time? * Yes. The elastic bearing that supports the stylus shank. Atmospheric ozone hardens it; like tire rot on bike tires. Is there anything I can do to correct ...

V15HR-P Replacement stylus

The VNHR-P. Please see our online stylus cross reference at the following link: Cartridge/Stylus Cross Reference Replacement stylus can be purchased from the Shure Parts Department at 847-600-8699 or 800-516-2525. ...

N97xE stylus in a V15 Vx body?

The N97xE will fit into a V15Vx body. Using the N97xE in a V15Vx body will increase the output slightly, but slightly decrease the high end response. This stylus/body hybrid will not equal the specifications of a V15Vx. Howe...

M78S and N78S discontinuation

Due to low demand and poor sales, both products were discontinued in Spring 2017.  The final U.S. retail prices: M78S - $120.00; N78S - $45.00. The M78S had a tracking force range of 1.5 to 3 grams.   The spher...

Stylus for M97HE cartridge

Sorry, we no longer have stock of replacement styli for the M97HE.

N75 styli with other current Shure cartridges?

Yes. The M44G or M44-7 body will accept the N75.

N75HE-J Type 2 Stylus

1.25 to 2.5 grams is the tracking force. Tip is 0.3 x 1.5 mils. Hyperelliptical. It is a genuine Shure product.

Will N105E fit RXT6 cartridge?

Our records show that the N105E and N111HE will fit the RXT6. Note that the N111HE was an upgrade for the N105E style.

N92E Stylus with Radio Shack RX-P3 Cartridge

The N92E stylus fits into the RX-P3 body.    But before buying the N92E, please read this link: Use an Alternate Phono Stylus? Buy an New "Old" Phono Stylus?

Does the VN45HE stylus fit the V15V-MR body?

Yes, it fits. The VN45HE stylus shank is the correct size to fit into the V15V-MR body.

Stylus Terms and Definitions

Nude stylus tip = the entire stylus tip is the same material, typically diamond. Bonded stylus tip = the stylus tip consists of two parts bonded (adhered) together.  The lower portion is diamond and the u...

N75C Replacement Stylus

The N75C stylus has been discontinued for years. The current replacement stylus available is the N75B Type 2.

Stylus Record Wear Differences

Explanation of Stylus Shapes and Terms

78 rpm stylus for V15 III - specifications

The VN78E tip dimensions are 0.0005" x 0.0025". The shape is elliptical.

VN35MR Specs

The VN35MR stylus has a Micro-Ridge diamond tip with a nude mounting. This type of tip reduces second harmonic distortion by 37%; it reduces intermodulation distortion by 56%Tip dimensions: 0.00015 x 0.003 inch Stylus grip color: ...

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