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QLX-D and ULX-D Network Scan

No. QLX-D receivers linked as network can do a network frequency scan; same for linked ULX-D receivers. But a network frequency scan will not work for QLX-D receivers linked to ULX-D receivers

Securing two QLX-D4 receivers to each other

The QLXD shipping carton contains a "flat metal plate" mount (part #53A22140) that fastens to the bottom of the receivers. Two plates are required. One plate is supplied with each QLXD4 receiver. The plate is stored at the...

Shielded ethernet cables when networking the VHF version of ULXD or QLXD

Yes. Use shielded ethernet cables. The use of shielded ethernet cables is always a good idea, but when connecting ethernet cables to VHF band receivers, it becomes very important.  Unshielded ethernet cables unintention...

QLX-D networked to ULX-D and sharing the same frequency band

No. The network scan only works on QLX-D receivers within the same band. It does not work with networked QLX-D and ULX-D even if they are in the same band.

Does QLX-D have DC voltage for antenna amps?

No. The QLXD4 does not have bias voltage on the BNC connectors. If the need arises to connect an antenna amplifier directly to the QLXD4, this can be done using the UABIAST power injector as shown on the Wireless Accessory Wizard...

QLXD4 receiver mounted next to SCM268 or SCM262

Sorry, the answer is no.  The QLX-D rack hardware only works with other QLX-D rack hardware and cannot be cross-linked to SCM262 / 268 hardware. It is feasible to use a rack tray to hold the QLX-D receiver and the SCM m...

QLX-D Audio Outputs

1) Yes. 2) The Mic/Line Switch affects only the male XLR connector (impedance balanced.) 3) The 1/4" female phone jack may be used as an unbalanced output (Tip/Sleeve), or an impedance balanced output (Tip/Ring/Sle...

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