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Can I use more than one PSM receiver with just one transmitter?

Yes, you can use as many PSM receivers as you want to pick up the signal that a PSM transmitter is broadcasting. All the receivers will need to operate on the same frequency as the transmitter. All the receivers will pick up the ...

P3R vs. P3RA

The P3R is a wireless stereo bodypack receiver for use with the PSM®300 Personal Monitor System. With 24-bit digital audio clarity, the P3R offers reliable wireless freedom that covers every corner of the stage. Simply connec...

Point to point wireless using a Shure PSM system

Point to Point Wireless Audio Systems   Introduction Often it is desirable (or even mandatory) to send an audio signal from one fixed location to another fixed location without wires. This is termed "point-t...

PSM300 Video - How To Set Up and Use

Using a PSM300 device with a PSM900 device and vice versa

While PSM300 and PSM900 use similar companding and RF transmission schemes, we do not recommend using them in a "mixed" configuration where you are using a PSM300 transmitter with a PSM900 receiver or vice versa. This i...

PSM300 Signal Latency

End-to-end latency, using a 1kHz input signal, is less than 0.7millisecond / 0.0007 second.

PA411 units - combining the RF outputs

While it technically can be done by using the Shure UA221 antenna combiner/splitter, Shure does not recommend it.   Note the following: 1) The UA221 will introduce 3 dB of insertion loss - meaning the RF output pow...

P9HW, P3R, P3RA Headphone Output Power

Headphone Output Power (both channels driven): 80mW/channel @ 32 ohms. Headphone Output Power (single channel driven): 120mW @ 32 ohms.   Headphone Output Impedance: <2.5  ohms Designed to dr...

PA421A with the P3T

This is not recommended.  In some cases, during startup, the P3T will attempt to draw more current than the PA421A can supply. The PA421A has protection circuitry to prevent damage from excessive power draw, so the PA42...

Limiter on PSM300

The P3RA has a volume limiter that is activated from the menu.  The P3RA limiter attenuates the maximum volume output in 3dB increments between -3dB and -21dB. This is slightly different than the P9RA and P10R implement...

PSM300 Point to Point Wireless

1) The line level output of the mixer connects into the P3T transmitter. 2) Position the P3T transmitter high in the air to establish line-of-sight to the powered loudspeakers. 3) At each powered loudspeaker, place a P3...

PSM300 Channel Separation

The PSM300 separation test: Both channels are driven and the separation between the two channels is measure. Using this method, the separation is >30 dB.

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