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PA411 units - combining the RF outputs

While it technically can be done by using the Shure UA221 antenna combiner/splitter, Shure does not recommend it.   Note the following: 1) The UA221 will introduce 3 dB of insertion loss - meaning the RF output pow...

PA421A comparison to PA411

PA421A Bandwidth: 470 - 952 MHz PA411 Bandwith: 470 - 865 MHz PA421A Nominal Input Power: 20dBm / 100 mW PA411 Nominal Input Power: 15dBm / 30 mW PA421A Absolute Maximum Power Input: 24dBm / 250 mW PA41...

PA411 Fan Noise

Yes, the PA411 has two internal fans.  The fans operate based on the level of heat inside of the unit.  It is normal to hear a mechanical noise when the PA411 is being cooled by the fans.  A single fan ha...

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