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Point to point (PTP) mode on P10T

In the AUDIO menu, choose MODE, then select PTP. This mode allows the P10T to transmit to a UR4 receiver in the same frequency range.

Why does the P10T have two antenna outputs and not a summed output?

The P10T is actually two individual transmitters contained within a single housing. So all the RF components are discreet and independent of one another. Providing a single mixed output, without adding any loss, would require the...

P10T - No RF combiner inside?

A passive 2:1 combiner inside the P10T would reduce the RF output power by 3dB.  An active combiner would have raised the price substantially and added excessive heat inside the chassis.

PSM1000 ethernet type


What is the BTU/hr of the P10T?

Idle: 24.2 BTU/hr; 7.1 WMax: 53.4 BTU/hr; 15.6 W

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