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V15VxMR, M97xE replacement stylus and M92E version for 78rpm records

The M97xE stylus will fit the V15VxMR body, but will NOT fit in the V15VMR body.  Also, see the following link: Stylus Re-tipping The N78S Stylus (for 78 RPM playback) will fit into the M92E Cartridge.  Buy th...

M92E body with N97xE stylus

Yes.  The N97xE stylus will fit into the M92E body.  It looks odd, but it works.   Several customers have reported quite favorable results. However, please read this link: Hybrid Phono Cartridges

N97xE stylus in a V15 Vx body?

The N97xE will fit into a V15Vx body. Using the N97xE in a V15Vx body will increase the output slightly, but slightly decrease the high end response. This stylus/body hybrid will not equal the specifications of a V15Vx. Howe...

N97xE stylus in M97 or ME97 body?

The N97xE is not a suitable replacement stylus for the M97 or ME97 series cartridges. The magnetic assemblies are incompatible, yielding unacceptable high frequency roll-off.

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