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Which phono cartridge will fit my turntable?

Matching a cartridge to a turntable requires:  1) The tone arm mounting method for the cartridge; 2) The tone arm tracking force range. 95% of the time the cartridge mount will be one of two types: 1) Standard Moun...

Replacement Cartridge for Realistic R1000 EDT

We suggest the M97xE (best) or the M92E (good).

M97xE Height and Vertical Tracking Angle

The VTA will be correct when the top of the headshell is parallel to the record. M97xE is 15 mm from top of the mounting flange to the bottom of cartridge body.

M97xE Back cueing

The stylus of the M97xE is definitely not constructed to withstand back-cueing. We would predict a tragically short life span for the M97xE stylus.  Stick with the DJ cartridges for back-cueing.

M97xE brush creates static cling

Sorry, there is no solution. Like you, I use a felt mat and the M97xE. The mat does cling to the record as you describe but I still use the brush for the cleaning, the stabilization, and the de-static action on the played side of...

V15VxMR, M97xE replacement stylus and M92E version for 78rpm records

The M97xE stylus will fit the V15VxMR body, but will NOT fit in the V15VMR body.  Also, see the following link: Stylus Re-tipping The N78S Stylus (for 78 RPM playback) will fit into the M92E Cartridge.  Buy th...

M97xE Effective Stylus Tip Mass

Effective tip mass for Shure N97xE stylus: 0.4 mg (milligram.)

Specified static compliance of M97xE and M44-7 cartridges

The static compliance for the M97xE: 0.000025 centimeter per dyne of force The static compliance for the M44-7: 0.000020 centimeter per dyne of force

Is the brush on my M97xE defective?

The brush bristles are indeed cut an an angle.  Looking at the cartridge from the front, the bristles on the left are longer by design. To work properly, only a small section of the brush needs to contact the record...

M97xE terminals and color rings

Use a bright light to see the letters RG - L - R - LG molded into the black plastic terminal panel.  Looking at the rear of the M97xE cartridge body: Upper left corner = RG = Right Ground = green ring Next lower te...

Tracking force of N78S stylus with a M97xE cartridge?

The N78S is designed to track from 1.5 grams to 3 grams. Experiment in this range. A heavier tracking weight can cause the stylus bearing to collapse. The tracking weight has no effect on the M97xE cartridge body.

Replacement for Me97HE

The M97xE is the current replacement for the Me97HE.

M97xE body with VN5xMR stylus

The VN5xMR stylus will fit the M97xE body. However, this does not equal a V15VxMR. The construction of the V15V magnetic pole pieces is different than the M97xE. You might like the sound of your "hybrid" phono cartridge, but...

M97xE laminated pole pieces?

Response from Shure phono engineering: The frequency response of a phone cartridge is the result of: 1)  The mechanical response of the stylus, which typically has a resonance just past 20 kHz, and…. ...

M97xE Mount Dimension

This distance is 10 mm.

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