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M95ED cartridge specifications

Tracking Force: 0.75 - 1.5 grams Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz Channel Separation: >25dB at 1,000 Hz Channel Balance: Within 2 dB of each other Output Level: 4.7mV per channel at 1,000 Hz, 5 ...

Replacement stylus for M95ED

Sorry, M95ED is no longer available from Shure. The following companies might still have stock: Sources for Discontinued Styli and Phono Cartridges

M95ED cartridge/stylus -- alternates for 33 rpm mono and 78 rpm

1. A spherical (conical) tip would likely work better, but you would have to try it and hear the results. There is no spherical replacement stylus for the M95ED. 2. A replacement cartridge with a spherical tip would be the M...

Is the N78S stylus compatible with an M95ED cartridge?

Yes, the N78S will fit the M95 body. Be careful when installing the N78S as it is a tight fit.

M95ED Output Level

4.7mV per channel at 1,000 Hz, 5 cm/sec peak recorded velocity

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