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M95ED cartridge/stylus -- alternates for 33 rpm mono and 78 rpm

1. A spherical (conical) tip would likely work better, but you would have to try it and hear the results. There is no spherical replacement stylus for the M95ED. 2. A replacement cartridge with a spherical tip would be the M...

M78S Cartridge - prongs and jumpers

The M78S cartridge does have 4 prongs. The two bronze jumpers (Shure part #44D119A) are used to tie together LEFT to RIGHT, and LEFT GROUND to RIGHT GROUND. This puts the two internal coils in parallel and provide a monaural o...

Wiring a M78S for mono on a stereo turntable

Some 78 RPM records were modulated in the vertical plane; some in the horizontal plane. The M78S is very compliant in both planes and will play either type of record well. There is no "correct " answer to your question. Whic...

M78S and N78S discontinuation

Due to low demand and poor sales, both products were discontinued in Spring 2017.  The final U.S. retail prices: M78S - $120.00; N78S - $45.00. The M78S had a tracking force range of 1.5 to 3 grams.   The spher...

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