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M44-7 Phono Cartridge Set Up

Finding your optimum "set-up" solves most skipping problems. Every DJ has a different touch, and some experimentation is required to obtain maximum results. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to diagnose specific probl...

N44G stylus on an M44-7 cartridge the same as M44G?

The N44-7 stylus tracks at 1.5 to 3 grams. The N44G stylus tracks at 0.75 to 1.5 grams. The cartridge body of the M44-7 and the M44G are basically the same. Change the stylus model and you change the cartridge model. So just...

M95 cartridges, M44-7 stylus

(1) When these cartridges were available, the M95EJ came with the N95EJ stylus (1.5 to 3 grams tracking force) and the M95HE came with N95HE stylus (0.75 to 1.5 tracking force). Neither of these original stylus is available. The ...

M44-7 setup on Techniques 1200 M3D

The Shure SFG-2 Tracking Force Gauge, available through your Shure dealer, provides a simple way to accurately set tracking force.

P-mount adapter for M44-7

The mount on that Technics is called a "P-mount". The mount on the M44-7 is a standard 1/2" mount. Unfortunately, Shure does not have a P-mount adapter. Try Audio Adviser at 800-942-0220; they have a solution.

M44-7 headshell weight in grams

3.25 grams.

Specified static compliance of M97xE and M44-7 cartridges

The static compliance for the M97xE: 0.000025 centimeter per dyne of force The static compliance for the M44-7: 0.000020 centimeter per dyne of force

Will new N44-7 stylus work with 1970's vintage M44-7 cartridge?

The current N44-7X stylus will fit your M44-7 body. It is a safe assumption that the wiring inside the M44-7 body is still fine, so a new stylus will provide the equivalent of a brand new phono cartridge.

78 RPM Stylus for M44-7 cartridge

The N78S (78 rpm) stylus will work, BUT the plastic stylus grip must be carefully shaved down using a Dremel drill so that the stylus will insert completely into the M44-7 body. Approximately 1/16" of plastic must be removed.

SC35C stylus in a M44-7 body?

The SS35C will not fit into the M44-7 cartridge. The stylus shank is too large.

Phono cartridge body - troubleshooting

1) The stylus would not cause this type of failure. 2) Using an ohmmeter, check the output pins of the M44-7 cartridge. Disconnect the tonearm wires from the cartridge. 3) Check from L to LG. The ohmmeter should read be...

M44-7 and Numark Turntable

The M44-7 cartridge may distort when used on a Numark Line level DJ turntable. This is possible given the extremely high output voltage of the M44-7 (9.5mV), compared to the industry average 5mV- 7mV. This is high output l...

When to replace my phono stylus?

For home use, a stylus wears out in 600 to 800 hours. For DJ use, they can wear out quicker, say in 300 to 600 hours. At 2 hours per day, 300 hours is five months. So in your case, we suggest replacing the stylus every six month...

M44-7 - white particles left on the record?

We have never heard of this problem. There may be a problem with the vinyl used to make that "certain record". To help better understand turntable setup, please see: Stylus break-in

N44G stylus into a M44-7 cartridge body

The N44G replacement stylus will fit the M44-7 body.

N78S stylus into an old model M44-7

The plastic grip of the N78S stops it from fitting into the old M44-7 body. If you own a Dremel drill, you can grind down the plastic on the body or on the stylus grip, and then you can use the N78S. We suggest you grind do...

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