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Classical Guitar Mic

Before you make any buying decision, please read the following: MICROPHONE TECHNIQUE FOR THE CLASSICAL GUITAR by Michael Pettersen Director of Applications Engineering - Shure Inc. Miking a classical guitar for reco...

KSM44A vs. KSM44: What are the differences?

The KSM44A was introduced in July 2010.  Here are the primary differences: The KSM44A has a lower noise floor: 3 dB less in Cardioid pattern; 4 dB less in Omni pattern; 2.5 dB less in Bidirectional pattern. The...

Dual Diaphragm Design - Control of Proximity Effect

The Shure KSM42 is a cardioid condenser microphone with a dual diaphragm capsule. Traditionally, dual-diaphragm capsules are used to create switchable, multiple pattern microphones, like the KSM44A microphone. The KSM42 is uniqu...

Mid-Side (M-S) Miking Configuration with KSM Microphones

We recommend: 1) Use a Shure KSM137 or KSM141 (set to Cardioid) as the Mid microphone. 2) Use a Shure KSM44 (set to Bi-directional) for the Side microphone. 3) Use a Shure A53M shock mount and a Shure A27M stereo m...

Single vocal mic for bluegrass band

The typical Shure mic used for this application is the KSM44 or KSM32. The current "Down From The Mountain" tour uses these models. Feedback is typically not an issue because floor stage monitors have been replaced by i...

Setting up a mic in a room to record acoustic jam sessions

If you want one mic to set in the center of the room, and pick up in all directions, you will require a mic with an omnidirectional pattern. The SM63 is an omnidirectional dynamic mic that will work well. Or you can use the...

Using KSM32/44 with A27M stereo adapter

Yes, it will work. However, the A27M must be reconfigured. Unscrew the knurled knob. Slide the two black sections off the vertical rod. Re-position the sections on the vertical rod so that the 5/8"-27 threaded studs are on o...

Other Mics with the A42PF or A42SM

Sorry, the A27SM shock mount will not accommodate the A42PF pop filter.  The A42F pop filter only works on the A42SM shock mount. The SM27 will not fit properly into the A42SM.  The microphone is a too wide to ...

Using one microphone for a five piece bluegrass band

Best: KSM44 Better: KSM32 Good: Beta 27 For operation, all require 48 V dc phantom power to be provided by the mixing board. Also, to use this miking technique requires the use of in-ear monitors, or NO (or very little) ...

KSM44 vs. KSM27

The KSM 27 cartridge is based on the KSM44, but does not include the rear portion where the second diaphragm of the KSM44 is located. The KSM27 is tuned for a brighter sound, and does not have the better pop protection of the KSM...

Mic for recording books on tape

1) KSM44; set to omni pattern; requires phantom power 2) MX393/O; requires phantom power 3) SM63 4) VP64A mic cannot distinquish between the sound you do want (the readers) and the sound you do not want (the outside sounds)...

Which preamp to use with KSM44?

There are hundreds of mic preamps on the market. Mix Magazine has published preamp reviews in the past. For a simple basic preamp, try Rane. Shure does not make a mic preamp for the KSM44.

KSM32 and KSM44 output levels

KSM32: - 36dBV per Pascal KSM44: - 31dBV per Pascal - cardioid - 37dBV per Pascal - omnidirectional - 36dBV per Pascal - bidirectional One Pascal equals 94 dB SPL.

KSM44/SL Discontinuation

The KSM44/SL was discontinued in July 2010. It was replaced by the KSM44A. The final U.S. retail price of the KSM44/SL was $999.00. These KSM44/SL accessories were also discontinued: A44SC - aluminum carrying case ($80 U.S.)...

Type of mic element in KSM32, KSM27, KSM44

The KSM32 is an electret design. The KSM44 and KSM27 are an external polarized design ("true condenser"). Well-designed electrets no longer have limited life spans like the original electrets from the 1970s.

Stereo pairs using KSM32 or KSM44

You are correct. For a stereo recording, you would need to use a pair of KSM44's. We agree that the difference in sound between the KSM32 and the KSM44 will be slight. The differences that you hear between microphones is...

KSM44 in M-S

While the sound of the mics are very similar, the KSM44 is 5 dB quieter than the KSM32. This may be noticeable in a critical recording situation. No one at Shure has tried the KSM32/KSM44 combination for M-S. A better choice...


1. No difference. 2. Yes.

KSM44 Shock mounting upside down


What is the subsonic filter on the KSM44?

The KSM44 sub-sonic filter is an active electronic three pole filter, with a slope of 18 dB per octave, and with 17 Hz being the 3dB down point.

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