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Classical Guitar Mic

Before you make any buying decision, please read the following: MICROPHONE TECHNIQUE FOR THE CLASSICAL GUITAR by Michael Pettersen Director of Applications Engineering - Shure Inc. Miking a classical guitar for reco...

How do I mic a choir?

Positioning Choir Microphones The goal of choir miking is to pick up a blend of sound from the whole choir (rather than individual singing voices), without picking up the sound of an organ or other musical instruments or ...

How do I mic an accordion?

Miking an accordion for amplification is a mystery to most players. This briefly explains microphone selection and placement as both influence the sound of your amplified accordion. An accordion radiates a different timb...

What is a suitable mic for a violin?

If you want to use a microphone mounted on the violin, consider the SM11. Its a small omnidirectional dynamic microphone that can be mounted using the optional RK279 Instrument Mounting Accessories. If you want to use a micro...

Miking a church choir

First, visit our FAQ and search for the word "choir". This will call up bulletins written on this subject. Second, it is impossible to tell which position will sound better. There are so many acoustical variables t...

Amplifying an acoustic guitar

In today's big bands, the bassist often uses an amplifier, the piano might be miked or might be electronic keyboard, and the drum kit is often miked. To be heard and blend effectively, the acoustic rhythm guitar often has to ...

Best way to record a Jazz Band in a average sounding room

From my personal experiece: 2 -KSM137 mics ORTF stereo positioning Experiment with the positioning of the mic pair. If the trumpets are too loud, lower the mics, bringing them closer to saxes. I much prefer a single...

Choir Miking - KSM137 or SM81

1) The KSM137 is quieter (less background hiss). 2) The self-noise level and the SPL clipping point. 3) The KSM137 with the A81WS windscreen, and the A53M isolation mount.

Mid-Side (M-S) Miking Configuration with KSM Microphones

We recommend: 1) Use a Shure KSM137 or KSM141 (set to Cardioid) as the Mid microphone. 2) Use a Shure KSM44 (set to Bi-directional) for the Side microphone. 3) Use a Shure A53M shock mount and a Shure A27M stereo m...

KSM137 compared to SM81

The SM81 is: 1) longer in length 2) has flatter response below 100 Hz 3) has a flatter response above 5 kHz The KSM 137 is: 1) quieter 2) has a higher SPL overload point 3) has a higher output level

Recording a British Brass Band

There is no simple answer as miking techniques for recording are more art than science, plus the acoustics of the recording space have a large effect on the recording. As a starting point, refer to this booklet: http://www.s...

Mics for recording classical guitar and voice

I recommend the KSM141 or KSM137.

Miking a semi-circle of singers for live sound

A semi-circle is difficult as the angle is 180 degrees. Cardioid mics, most often used for live sound, have a 120 degree pickup angle. To cover 180 degrees and six people, we recommend mounting two identical models of the fo...

Mic for amplifing live classical guitar

1. Gain before feedback involves the entire sound system, not just the mic. 2. Recommended models:  KSM137; SM81; PGA81.   All are condenser mics with a flat frequency response. 3. Also use a shock mount ...

Boundary mic for grand piano

The Beta 91A if you require a boundary mic. The SM81 or KSM137 if a boundary mic is not required. Also see: Which microphone should I use on ... ? (Selection Guides) Application Guides

Recording classical vocal/piano

There are hundreds of ways to do this. I'll provide my personal method: 1) The acoustics of the recording space is critical. The space must be quiet (no airplane traffic, no street noise, no air conditioning noise, etc.)...

Larger Windscreen for KSM141 and KSM137

Yes, the A81WS windscreen.

Miking a banjo and small guitar

Any reason you have to mount the mic on the instrument? This leads to lots of mechanical noise being transferred into the microphone. We suggest a flat response condenser mic (KSM137; SM81; SM94) mounted on a floor stand. Th...

Stereo miking

The Shure VP88 is a one piece stereo microphone which will solve the problems you encountered. You can also use two Shure unidirectional mics, like the KSM137, and mount them on a Shure A27M adapter. If you wish to learn mor...

Shock Mount for KSM141 and KSM137

Yes, the model A53M.

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