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BLX4R Antenna Distribution and DC Power Distribution

Yes. See our online Wireless Accessory Wizard.

BLX4R Receiver - What is included in the box?

1 - BLX4R rack mount receiver 1 - External power supply 2 - 22 inch BNC to BNC cables 2 - BNC bulkhead adapters 1 - Link bracket - used to fasten two units together in the middle 1 - Long rack ear 1 - Short rack ear ...

P9T to BLX4R - Point to Point Wireless?

Sorry, there is not. There is no method of defeating tone-key squelch in the BLX4R receiver. This is required for point to point operation. Options for point-to-point are the UHFR4 (all models) with the P9T; or ULX...

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