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Scan function - Recommended Method

Note 1: If there are existing, older wireless systems that will still be used, make certain they are powered up, operating, and placed on stage before beginning the scanning function. Refer to the User Guide of each Shure system...

BLX H8 and BLX H9 Compatibility

Yes. The first 5 frequency groups of BLX H9 and BLX H8 are identical.  An H8 device and an H9 device are compatible if they are tuned to a frequency within the 5 groups. See the PDF file below. The H8 band (518-542...

BLX versus PGX versus PG

RF Tuning Bandwidth PG = 12 MHz PGX = 18 MHz BLX = 30 MHz (originally 24 MHz) Maximum Number of Compatible Systems per RF Band PG= 4 PGX = 9 BLX = 12 *Local RF interference will reduce the numbers listed a...

Will a BLX1 or BLX2 work with a PGX4 analog receiver?

Yes, but there are nonconformities of performance to consider before purchasing a BLX transmitter. Shure does not guarantee that a hybrid system (a BLX transmitter with a PGX4 receiver) will meet the published specif...

Will a BLX1 or BLX2 work with a PG receiver?

Yes, but there are nonconformities of performance to consider before purchasing a BLX transmitter. Shure does not guarantee that a hybrid system (a BLX transmitter with a PG receiver) will meet the published specification...

MX150 with Shure BLX wireless systems

Please note that the MX150 series of lavalier microphones will operate with BLX transmitters.  However, there can be unsatisfactory audio quality and/or a high level of noise.  Either issue may not be a proble...

Part numbers and colors for BLX2 and GLXD2 transmitter shell / handles

As of July 2015: Replacement shells / handles are available in Blue, Gold, Pink, Red, Silver, and White for the BLX2 and GLXD2 transmitters with PG58, SM58, and Beta58 mic capsules. BLX2/PG58: WA712-BLU WA712-GL...

Set up of the BLX88 to work with two mic transmitters

Yes.  You must set the microphones to match the Group and Channel settings on the front of the BLX88 dual receiver.  "A1", for example, is Group A and Channel 1. If "A1" is used for th...

High school football stadium wireless mic

Installing a wireless mic for a high school football stadium has some challenges, but following recommended guidelines, most installations are successful. First is the choice of wireless system. The receiver that is selected...

Carrying Bag for BLX288/PG58

Sorry, Shure does not have a carrying bag for this product. Consider a product from Gator Case which has a laptop bag that has padded sides and interior pockets; it should be able to accommodate the receiver and two microphones. ...

BLX4R Antenna Distribution and DC Power Distribution

Yes. See our online Wireless Accessory Wizard.

WA621 Color ID Caps for BLX2 handheld transmitter

The model WA621 includes five plastic caps with in these colors: Red; Green; Blue; Yellow; White. The BLX2 transmitter is factory supplied with a black cap. (Systems that include the BLX88 also contain a grey cap.) The ...

Will a PGX1 or PGX2 work with a BLX receiver?

Sorry, the answer is no. The PGX1 bodypack transmitter and the PGX2 handheld transmitter use an infrared sync signal from the PGX4 receiver to select the operating frequency. The BLX receivers do not provide the infrared sync fun...

BLX receiver audio outputs

On the BLX receiver, the ¼" phone jack output (50 ohms) will provide a balanced output signal. The mating connector must be a Tip-Ring-Sleeve (TRS or "stereo") ¼" phone plug in order to obtain th...

Which wireless for aerobic instructors?

Most aerobic instructors choose the BLX14 with the SM31FH headset.

Carrying Case for BLX88 System

We liked the model GAV-LT from Gator Cases. See photo below. It was a soft-sided, padded carrying case that could hold the receiver, the transmitters, and all the acccessories.  As of December 2015, we learned it was di...

BLX1 Bodypack Transmitter - Feature Changes

For the BLX1 transmitter: Increased battery life: up to 14 hours of operation from two AA cells On/Off toggle switch: tactile indication that the switch has been activated Continuously variable audio input gain con...

BLX Transmitter and 1.5V Lithium Cell

This issue occurred with the early BLX transmitters.  It has been resolved with a firmware revision. Shure Service will do a firmware update that will fix this issue. Please contact Shure Service at 800-516-2525 fo...

BLX Frequency Band Discontinuation

K12 (614-638 MHz) and M15 (662-686 MHz) frequency band.

Impedance Balanced Outputs and Gain on BLX, SLX, PGX, and PG receivers

The XLR output and the 1/4" phone jack output of the BLX, SLX, PGX, and PG receiver are impedance balanced. NOTE: The 1/4" phone jack output has a signal level that is 14 dB greater than the XLR output. On ...

BLX - number of individual frequencies

The quantity is 123. Note that certain frequencies may be re-used in different groups. For example, Group B Channel 1 might be the same exact frequency at Group D Channel 0. Under ideal conditions, the maximum theoretical com...

BLX Video - How To Set Up and Use

BLX4R Hardware for Front Mount of the Antennas

Yes, the BLXR is supplied with rack hardware that is similar to that supplied with SLX wireless.

BLX Transmitter Current Draw

BLX1 and BLX2   Current draw   =  110mA +/- 15mA @ 3V; with alpha-numeric LED display (in battery compartment) being dark. Up to 14 hours of operation from two AA alkaline cells

One In Four Out DC coaxial power connector cable

We offer the PS124 and PS124L

BLX2 Handheld Transmitter - removeable mic element?

Sorry, the answer is "no." The mic element on the BLX2 cannot be removed.

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