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A910-JB pictures and dimensions

Do the SM58 and SM57 mics have the same frequency response curves?

The SM58 and SM57 do use the same cartridge. The grill, though, does affect the frequency response to some extent. At a distance, the difference is probably not noticable. But at extremely close distances, the difference is notic...

Did Shure ever make an OEM microphone for RCA?

Yes. Around 1940, Shure provided a Model 399 crystal microphone to RCA. It was likely an accessory for RCA two-way radio equipment. The Model 399 was based on the Shure Model 708S – a crystal “Stratoliner” microphone supplied wit...

ULX-D transmitter FPGA error

If the unit is in the G50, H50, J50 or L50 band, there should be a way of reviving this unit. In short....we will be reverting the firmware of the receiver to a previous version(1.5.6) while leaving the current transmitter firmware...

"Device not connected" error message

A likely reason for this is the computer's firewall blocking specific ports. Make certain the computer's firewall has port 8180 TCP open.

Shure TTR-121 test record

Created in 1988, the TTR-121 was designed to test trackability, i.e., the ability for the stylus to maintain contact with the record groove. The record label had a strobe pattern for setting turntable speed. Both sides of the 33 1/...

When was Axient Analog discontinued?

Axient Analog (AXT100, AXT200, AXT400) were discontinued in Jan 2019.

UAMS Accessory Mute Switch for Shure Handheld Transmitters

Introduced in August 2010, the UAMS is an accessory Mute switch that may be added to any Shure wireless handheld transmitter with an interchangeable mic element. UAMS = UHF Accessory Mute Switch. The UAMS/BK has a black finish and...

What are the color bands for the UA820/UA8 antenna?

Model Number Range in MHz Band Color Length UA820A 774–865 White 310mm – 12.2” UA820B 690-746 Blue 310mm – 12.2” ...

Headphone audio output to Wireless Bodypack

As of August 2012, a custom 3.5mm (1/8") TRS plug to TA4F cable is offered by T.C. Furlong Pro Audio: - Phone: 847-367-9588 The cable is available with straight or right-angle plugs, and in custom lengths u...

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