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Point to point wireless using a Shure PSM system

Point to Point Wireless Audio Systems   Introduction Often it is desirable (or even mandatory) to send an audio signal from one fixed location to another fixed location without wires. This is termed "point-t...

SBC-DC Battery Eliminator

We do offer the SBC-DC battery eliminator. It can be used with the P9RA, P10R, QLXD1,ULXD1, AD1, and UR5.

PSM300 Point to Point Wireless

1) The line level output of the mixer connects into the P3T transmitter. 2) Position the P3T transmitter high in the air to establish line-of-sight to the powered loudspeakers. 3) At each powered loudspeaker, place a P3...

SBC-DC to RemoteAudio BDS

The SBC-DC was designed for use with our PS41 power supply, for fixed AC-power applications. However, the supplied adapter will interface with the Lectrosonics cable mentioned.  One important note: the Lectrosonics cable is ...

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