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Multiple mics into one receiver?

Every transmitter must operate on its own frequency. That means there must be a corresponding receiver for each individual transmitter. That receiver must also be on the same frequency. It is possible to design systems that house...

Wireless SM58 Battery Cover

You certainly can. Just give our parts department a call at 800-516-2525; outside of the U.S. call 847-600-8699. You will need to know what model of wireless you have. The SM58 is just the microphone head. That microphone he...

Line output from mixer XLR to mic input

To convert from line to mic level, use the Shure A15LA. This device is female XLR in and male XLR out. It provides 50 dB of attenuation. The A15LA can be used at the output of your mixer. If you also need to convert the rece...

Plug-on adapter for changing wired handheld microphone to wireless

We do offer the FP3 and the UR3 plug on transmitters. However, they will not work with the T3 receiver. The FP3 works with the FP5 or the SLX4 receiver. The UR3 works with any of the UR receivers.

How do I connect an Audio Technica ATM35 to a Shure bodypack?

Connecting Audio Technica’s ATM35 microphone to any Shure bodypack transmitter with a Switchcraft TA4M input connector (shown below.) To make this modification it is necessary to remove the connector or power module at...

My wireless microphone eats batteries

It is rare for a wireless transmitter to be defective in a manner that would consume a fresh battery in one hour. If that were the case, the battery would be quite warm to the touch when removed from the transmitter. Here are the...

Headworn mics for singing

Artists change microphones frequently, so the term "recent picture" is relative. Shure offers a variety of headworn mics.  See our Application Guide.

Multiple receivers of same frequency with one transmitter

Yes, that works perfectly fine. It's just like multiple car radios listening to the same radio station.

BETA 58A capsules

The Beta 58A wireless cartridge is model R179. Order the RPW118 from our Parts Department at 800-516-2525.

How do I connect a Crown CM311A to a Shure bodypack?

SUBJECT: Connecting Crown CM-311A headworn microphone to any Shure bodypack transmitter with a Switchcraft TA4M input connector (shown below.) Note: The Crown CM-311A is designed for hard wire use. The beltpack provides powe...

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