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P4R with P7T

Yes, the P4R receivers will work with the P7T transmitter if they are in the same frequency band. The MixMode concept you described will work as well.

PSM 400 X1 band best practices

The PSM 400 X1 band operates in the 944 - 952 MHz range.  This range is primarily used by STL (Studio-Transmitter Link) transmissions between a radio station studio and the radio station's transmitting antenna.  ...

Power / Thermal Dissipation of Shure Products See the User Guide for each Shure product in question. It should list the wattage or amperage consumed during operation. Enter the wattage into the first line of ...

In Ear Sound Level Analyzer

There is such a device and it is sold by Sensaphonics: The Sensaphonic in-ear sound level analyzer (dB Check) is connected between the headphone amp output and the earphones. It displays the audio leve...

PSM900 - defective battery indicator?

The questions below will help to narrow the possible causes: What type make of AA cells are you using?  Duracell Pro Cell?  Or are you using the Shure SB-900 lithium ion rechargeable cell? ...

When to change earphone sleeves

It is quite simple. Being inherently frugal, I wash my sleeves on a regular basis, using warm water and a little Dawn dishwashing liquid. I rinse them thoroughly, pat them dry with a paper towel, and let them air dry overnight. ...

PA215 Cable Information

PA215 : This cable is designed for the vocalist who is completely wireless and uses a P2R for their monitor and a body pack transmitter that takes a TA4F jack as input. This allows a vocalist to control their own level in their m...

Helical antennas - matching or opposite polarization?

Matched - having the same polarization. Here is an analogy:  take two identical bolts.    Thread a nut on to bolt #1.   Now place the open ends of bolts together; the nut can be threaded of...

Using other Receivers to Monitor PSM

A great question...with no answer. A scanner will not work because the PSM transmits a multiplexed stereo signal; a scanner cannot properly demodulate a stereo FM signal. You would hear audio but it would sound funny. A PSM 700 r...

PA214 Cable Information

PA214: This cable is designed for the guitarist who is completely wireless and uses a P2R for their monitor and a body pack transmitter that takes a TA4F jack as input. Pins 3 and 4 of the TA4F jack are not connected just as in t...

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