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What is the BTU/hr of the P10T?

Idle: 24.2 BTU/hr; 7.1 WMax: 53.4 BTU/hr; 15.6 W

SBRC Crestron/AMX Control Strings

The SBRC can be monitored and controlled via a control system, such as AMX, Crestron, or Extron.Below is a PDF of the command strings.

RMCE-BT1 Reset and Troubleshooting

We're sorry to hear about your troubles pairing your RMCE-BT1 to your devices. We suggest you try following our reset procedure here: On your phone or computer, "forget" the device. Power down the BT-1 and plug it into the cha...

Webster model SS667

Yes. The Webster model number was SS667. Webster purchased this OEM microphone from Shure in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The mic was packaged with specific Webster tape recorders and other products. The only difference between...

What is the BTU/hr of the ULXD4Q?

Idle: 23.3 BTU/hr; 6.8 WMax: 25.6 BTU/hr; 7.6 W

A910-JB pictures and dimensions

The knockouts are for standard 1/2" and 3/4" conduit.

Shure M100W and M100L Stereo System from the 1960s

Yes, the M100W and M100L consisted of a turntable, amplifier, and loudspeakers. M100W and M100L Literature.

When were the first Shure ribbon mics introduced?

The Shure Model 50 and the Model 5, Shure’s first ribbon microphones, were introduced in 1939. See the attached User Guides below.

When was Axient Analog discontinued?

Axient Analog (AXT100, AXT200, AXT400) were discontinued in Jan 2019.

"Device not connected" error message

A likely reason for this is the computer's firewall blocking specific ports. Make certain the computer's firewall has port 8180 TCP open.

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