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Antenna Types

The size of an antenna is directly related to the wavelength of the frequency to be received. The most common types used in wireless audio systems are 1/4-wave and 1/2-wave omni-directional antennas, and unidirectional antennas. ...

Adding or editing equipment profiles in Wireless Workbench tutorial

Wireless Workbench v6.12 includes equipment profiles for several other manufacturers. However, at times, it might be necessary to add a new profile or edit an existing profile. Custom profiles allow you to adjust coordinatio...

Lavalier / Headset compatibility with Wireless Systems

The following chart provides compatibility information between Shure lavalier and headset mics and Shure wireless systems.     PG185/CVL PG30/PGA31 SM31FH WL1...

Can I use a Shure wireless microphone with any manufacturer's receiver?

No, you cannot. It might sort of work, but sound funny. In analog wireless different manufacturers use different companding and noise reduction schemes, along with possibly different RF deviations. So make certain the transmitter...

Theater Audio - Using Wireless Microphones with Bodypack Transmitters

1. Most bodypacks come with an attached belt clip. The obvious way to wear a bodypack transmitter is to clip the bodypack onto an actor’s clothing at the beltline or on the hip area. The transmitter can also fit into pocket...

Cell Phone Frequencies / Wireless Communications Devices

The cellular industry offers a wide range of consumer devices to satisfy customer needs. The term cellphone implies a device capable of voice calls and some limited data, such as texting. More advanced devices, usually referred t...

Service, repair, warranty and parts information

For information about Service, Repair and Parts for Shure products, click on the following link: Service Department Information

RF spectrum analyzer

Consider the spectrum analyzers from WiNRADiO. And from:

Multipath and Receiver Diversity

This is a excerpt from Selection and Operation of Wireless Microphones. Multipath A necessary element in the concept of diversity radio reception is the occurrence of "multi-path" effects in radio transmission. I...

Wireless portable PA System

We suggest you consider portable systems from Sound Projections which use Shure wireless microphones.

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