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Using Mix Mode to get 4 PSM mixes

Yes, it is possible to do exactly what you suggest. Note, though, that the separation between the mixes that are on the same transmitter will only be about 35 dB. That is, there will be a small amount of bleed from one mix to the...

PSM system with a digital mixer, digital processor, digital snake. Will latency be a problem?

Latency and Personal Monitoring     What is latency?   The quality of sound experienced by users of personal monitor systems depends on many factors beyond just the beltpack and earphones that c...

PSM 200 Low Volume Level

1) What is the make/model of the mic being use? 2) What type of mic cable is being used?  What type of connectors are on the cable? ANSWER: The mic is a Shure SM58, cord is a livewire (brandnew) XLR conector. ...

Using In-Ear Monitors - Effect of Bone Conduction

* Yes, it is normal. Your voice is brought to your ear by two paths: the in-ear monitors, and bone conduction. These two paths are not perfectly "in-sync" and thus the aural effect you experienced. *Try placing a m...

Rechargeable Batteries for PSM

A P6R receiver draws between 80 and 100 milliamps per hour depending on the volume level. A premium nine volt alkaline battery, like a Duracell, provides about 500 milliamp/hours. This means it will provide 100 milliamps for five...

Rack mounting PSM600

All of the rack hardware should have come with your PSM600 systems. Instructions and diagrams are in the User Guide. If you need additional rack hardware, it can be purchased from our Parts Department at 800-516-2525.

Audience ambience mic for PSM

Many users of in-ear monitors add an "audience ambience" mic to the PSM mix. This is mic hung over the audience and its signal is added only to the mix that feeds the PSM. A typical mic for this application is the Shure SM63.

3dB RF attenutor/pad

Mini-Circuits sells the model HAT 3+. This is a 3 dB pad (attenuator), 50 ohms, 1 Watt power ratio, with BNC connections. Connect the PSM transmitting antenna to the HAT 3+ pad, then connect to the PSM transmitter.For the Sh...

Source for custom ear molds in Europe

Information below is correct as of August 2011: ACS Unit 22-23 Beaumont Close BANBURY OX16 1TG United Kingdom Tel : +44(0)1295 266665 Fax : +44(0)1295 259093 info@acscustom.c...

PSM600 and PSM700 Operating Frequencies

Frequency charts can be found at the following link: Frequency Charts

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