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Can in the ear monitors feedback?

While not impossible, it is extremely unlikely that a feedback loop would occur between a microphone and an in the ear monitor. We have never heard of it occurring. But, if feedback occurs between the microphone and the fron...

Using limiters with In Ear Monitors

What I need to know is, how many systems will I have to buy to accommodate a five piece band all with PSM's? * If everyone will be satisfied listening to the same stereo mix, you require one transmitter and five receivers...

Ear Monitor for Sax/keyboard player??

Having a buzz in your ears with earplugs is unusual. It's hard to predict if this would occur with a PSM in-ear monitor system. We do offer different styles of earpieces for our PSM systems, so if one doesn't work for you...

Limiter use with a PSM system

The purpose of a limiter is "brick-wall" hearing protection, designed to prevent unexpected transients from damaging the user's hearing. It is not a pleasant sounding limiter, since it's only purpose is protecti...

PSM 1000 Frequency Bands in the U.S.

G10: 470 to 542 MHz  (TV 14 - TV 25)   J8: 554 to 626 MHz  (TV 28 - TV 39)    Note: For J8, TV 37 is omitted (608 to 614 MHz)   L8: 626 to 698 MHz  (TV 40 - T...

UA864US as a PSM transmitting antenna

Yes, but only if: 1) UA864US gain switch is set to 0 dB. 2) Maximum RF input is 100 mW.  

4 mono mixes with 2 PSM transmitters?

You could certainly do this. The receivers would need be in MixMode with the balance control panned completely to one side or the other. For more information on setting up different PSM systems, please see:  Selection and Op...

The ABC’s of Configuring a Personal Monitor System

En Espanol   The ABC’s of Configuring a Personal Monitor System Recent advances in the field of personal monitoring have made it a technology that is within the reach of more performers than ever before. Th...

Rechargeable batteries and rack mount charger This company offers NiMH (nickel metal hydride) rechargeable batteries and professional rack mount chargers. The batteries appear to be useful due to their current capacity. One model of AA cell has a current ...

Can I use a PSM system for IFB?

The example below uses the discontinued Shure PSM400, but the concepts apply to current Shure PSM systems. Using Personal Monitors for IFB Location sound recording for TV, film, or video production usually requires...

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