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Difference between a Line input and a Mic input?

Here are brief answers: 1) The voltage level of the signal. A line level signal is at least 50 dB greater than a mic level signal. 2) Wired and wireless mics are typically connected to mic level inputs. Most other audio...

Coordinate existing wireless using Wireless Workbench 6 tutorial

The Wireless Workbench 6 (WWB) software can be used to coordinate frequencies for your systems. Wireless Workbench 6 can be downloaded for free and works on both Windows and Mac. This tutorial will explain how to perform fre...

Help me find the frequency band on my wireless mic

The band information is printed on every transmitter and receiver.  Depending on the model number, the band information could be on the front, the back, the bottom, or inside the battery compartment. The band will be similar...

Analog wireless microphones vs. digital wireless

Shure's Dave Mendez provided the following observations: It is difficult to say whether analog wireless or digital wireless systems are better or worse than one another as a rule.  In general, digital wire...

Wireless Troubleshooting Hints

Troubleshooting Wireless Microphone Systems   Even when wireless microphone systems appear to be properly selected and set up, problems may arise in actual use. While it is not practical here to offer comprehensive s...

Scan function - Recommended Method

Note 1: If there are existing, older wireless systems that will still be used, make certain they are powered up, operating, and placed on stage before beginning the scanning function. Refer to the User Guide of each Shure system...

Range of a Wireless Microphone System

A logical question concerning wireless performance is the transmission range of various systems. Unfortunately, the answer is much more complicated than a simple distance measurement. Ultimately, the receiver must be able to pick...

Remote Antennas for UHF-R, BLX4R, SLX, ULX, QLX-D or ULX-D Receivers

Remote Antennas for UHF Wireless Microphones Click here for an online remote antenna tool. Antennas are described in terms of the signal wavelength they are designed to pick up. The antenna supplied with Shure...

Wireless microphone is not loud enough

The problem is not the mic element. The problem is a level mis-match between the wireless receiver output and the device to which it is connected. This scenario is common and the explanation is simple. The audio output level...

RG58 A/U, B/U & C/U ?

RG stands for "Radio Guide" and is a military term. The 58 class has an outer diameter of 0.195 inches, 50 to 53.5 ohms impedance, and can handle up to 500 watts of HF (High Frequency) power. RG58/U has a soli...

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