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Shure PSM used for broadcast IFB

Interruptible Fold Back or "IFB" systems are used for audio monitoring and cueing in filmmaking, video production, live television, and live radio. The IFB feed consists of program audio sent to an earpiece/headphones w...

Notch Filter Allows for Best In-Ear Monitor Mix Ever!

Notch Filter Allows for Best In-Ear Monitor Mix Ever! Many microphones and most circuitry used in the reproduction of audio signals have a bandwidth of 20 kHz (20 Hz – 20 kHz) or more. Digital devices operating at a sampling ra...

FCC Reallocation of 698 to 806 MHz in the United States

The FCC conducted spectrum auctions in the 700 MHz band (actually 698-806 MHz). The auctions were conducted in two phases, dividing the spectrum into two groups, "upper" and "lower" 700 MHz bands. Additionally, a portion of the 7...

What is the function of tone key squelch and receiver squelch?

This is an excerpt from: "Selection and Operation of Wireless Microphone Systems". Receiver: Squelch One additional circuit that is important to proper receiver behavior is called "squelch" or mut...

What is Audio Reference Companding?

To understand Audio Reference Companding, it is best to explain the forerunner scheme: What is a fixed-ratio companding or a compander? Compander is a contraction of the words compressor and expander, which describe con...

What is Mix Mode?

If your Shure PSM system has a stereo transmitter (only the PSM200 was monaural), there are two inputs on the transmitter.  Let's call them Input A and Input B. Mix Mode is selected on your PSM receiver pack.&n...

Measuring current draw of battery powered transmitter or receiver

Here are step by step instructions: Determine the proper current consumption (draw) for your product. Look in the User Guide for this specification or contact Shure Applications Engineering. For this example, assume the d...

Mixing Board requirements for In Ear Monitors

1) Any mixing board that provides Aux level or Line level outputs will properly drive Shure PSM transmitters. 2) The custom ear molds are made to fit your ears and a specific in-ear driver, like the Shure model E1 or model E...

Why does the P10T have two antenna outputs and not a summed output?

The P10T is actually two individual transmitters contained within a single housing. So all the RF components are discreet and independent of one another. Providing a single mixed output, without adding any loss, would require the...

Drumming with In Ear Headphones - How to secure the cable

Have the earbud cables go up and over your outer ear.  The cable will drape downward along the back of ear.  Secure the cable to your neck, below your ear,  using clear, waterproof medical tape - ava...

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