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P10T transmitter with P9RA receiver; P9T transmitter with P10R receiver

It is possible to "mix and match" the PSM900 and PSM1000 personal monitor system components.  A P9RA beltpack receiver can be used with a P9T transmitter or a P10T transmitter.  Similarly, a P10R bel...

PSM900 - How to Set Up a System with a Single Transmitter - Video tutorial

PSM 900 U.S. Frequency Ranges

U.S. prime frequency ranges: G6: 470 to 506 MHz G7: 506 to 542 K1: 596 to 632 (Discontinued) L6: 656 to 692 (Discontinued)

Current draw for P9R and P9RA

Nominal idle current draw: P9R = 250 mA with display lit;  230 mA with display dark P9RA = 220 mA with display lit;  200 mA with display dark All of the above can vary by plus/minus 15 mA. For the P9R an...

PSM900 - How to Set Up a System with Multiple Transmitters - Video tutorial

PSM 900 CueMode - Memory?


PSM900 - How To Use the CueMode Feature -Video tutorial

P9R Battery Life and Earphones

Yes, as the impedance of earphones gets lower, the battery life gets shorter. Earphones with an impedance of 8 ohms will drain the battery faster that earphones with an impedance of 64 ohms.  As the load impedance ...

P9R "Pilot Tone Only / No Noise Squelch" Icon on LCD display

This icon indicates that the Pilot Tone (also known as Tone Key) Squelch feature is turned on, but the Noise Squelch feature is turned off.  To remove this icon, activate the Noise Squelch feature on the P9R via th...

PSM900 Mix Mode Channel Separation

No. In Mix Mode, the nominal separation (at 1 kHz) is 20 to 22 dB. Mix Mode is not "dual - monaural" operation; it truly is a mixing mode. The typical use of Mix Mode is instruments in one channel and vocals in the other....

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