WWB6 using a wireless router

FAQ #4607 Updated June 26, 2018


Please offer suggestions on how to use Shure Wireless Work Bench 6 via a wireless (wi-fi) router?


In general: (PC - means Mac or Windows - the personal computer running WWB)

  1. Setup the "wired" network first and confirm that WWB is working on the wired network first. This eliminates basic setup issues. Next, disable WiFi on the PC.
  2. Recommended WiFi access point(s):
    1. 802.11g or better. We suggest 802.11n at 5GHz for larger configurations (24+ channels).
    2. The Apple AirPort Extreme provides good WiFi range, is well made, and settings are fairly straight forward.
    3. Default settings will work, but consider:
      1. Setting up a SSID and security to protect from others joining your network.
      2. Enable / disable the DHCP server built into most routers - as per your needs; e.g., if you are using manual IP addresses don't activate it.
    4. Connect port 1 (not the uplink port) to switch that your rack gear is connected.
    5. Connect port 2 (not the uplink port) to the PC.
  3. Confirm the IP addresses of the devices and PC and make sure they are unique, same subnet mask and in the same range; e.g.,
  4. Start WWB and go to the Preferences > Network.
    1. Choose the wired adapter on the network listed above.
    2. WWB should now discover devices, manage, monitor, etc.
    3. Now you know that the wired network is sane, and WWB "works."
  5. Now disconnect the network cable from the PC.
  6. Enable WiFi on the PC and join the network.
  7. Now: go back to the WWB Preferences > Network.
  8. Choose the WiFi adapter - which should be listed with an IP in the same range; e.g. 192.168.1.xx.
  9. WWB should now discover devices, manage, monitor, etc.

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