Wiring of vintage Shure mics: 3 or 4 pin Amphenol to XLR

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I was wondering if you folks could help me out? I have some Shure vintage mics. with 3 and 4 pin screw on type connectors. I would like to connect these to an XLR without doing any re-wiring to the mics. themselves. Any tips would be appreciated.


Check out the discontinued product sheets at: User Guides and Spec Sheets

Using the information on these sheets, wire to the 3 pin XLR as follows:

XLR pin 1 = shield, Amphenol pin 1
XLR pin 2 = low impedance audio hot (Amphenol pin 4, white wire, typically)
XLR pin 3 = low impedance audio return (Amphenol pin 3, black wire, typically)

Note: On the four pin Amphenol, pin 2 is a high impedance, unbalanced output.

Or buy pre-made cables for vintage Shure mics from: tellis@ellisandassoc.com

Also, search this online Find An Answer database using the word "amphenol."

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