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FAQ #798 Updated August 04, 2017


I am happy to use your wireless system model L4 Diversity Marcad Diversity, but it has a little problem for me, some time it has a noise like fire cracker, that no good when we singing. Some of my friend said that is the battery problem, when I put a new battery, it had a same problem, I ask for more information from some people, they said that is the noise problem, and it maybe come from handphone or some has use the transformer. At last, I hope sir that you can answer my question. Isn't it need to add a filter or booster, or some thing is very important that I must do but I didn't know.


Interference on wireless mic systems is very difficult to troubleshoot. We suggest you read the following link for help with your problems:


Selection and Operation of Wireless Microphone Systems

A filter or booster is not the answer to your problem.

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