Wireless Method for Announcing School Buses

FAQ #4269 Updated September 15, 2017


A school wants to have a person act as a bus monitor. He will be stationed outside and needs to announce "Bus 12 is here", and be heard in the school's paging system. I thought about a wireless mic, but the person will be over 300 feet from the equipment room. I could add remote antennas but that will be expensive and the school budget is limited. Any ideas?


Walkie-talkies.   They have a far greater operating range than a wireless microphone system.

The earphone output of a walkie-talkie is low impedance and unbalanced.  Essentially, it is an AUX level signal.  Connect the earphone output of the inside walkie-talkie into the school's paging system via an AUX level input.  Choose a walkie-talkie that has a DC input jack so it can be powered from a AC/DC power supply.

The outside walkie-talkie used by the bus monitor can be battery powered.   The range of 300 feet should be no problem for most walkie-talkies. 


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