Wired PSM200 Bodypack?

FAQ #2744 Updated February 22, 2018


I am considering the PSM200 for my monitering needs. Since I am a drummer, I have decided to go with the wired instead of the wireless. I have also looked into other wired moniter systems, such as a simple moniter amp with any ear buds (maybe even the E1 or E2).

1) Could you tell me the advantages of the wired PSM200 system over a small moniter amp?

2) Does it have a limiter like the wireless?

3) Is the wiring the same, as far as a line coming directly from the house board?


1) Small enough to wear on your belt; quick access to the volume control; can be used as a wireless receiver at a later date; built-in limiter; battery operation.

2) Yes. The PSM200 hardwired pack IS the same as the PSM200 wireless receiver. Also, note that the PSM200 system is monaural, not stereo.

3) Yes. A line level signal is required from the mixing board.

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