Where does the DFR11EQ go in the signal chain?

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I am planning very seriously to purchase a DFR11EQ. But still I have a question regarding the functionality of your product. Is there any possibility that I connect this processor via mono in order to use it with 2 or 3 mics simultaneously? Would it respond well this way? I want to know this because my budget would be really jeopardized if I consider having 1 DFR for each channel, and the stereo mode is not really important for me. Your kind answer will really help me out.Thanks a lot,

At 01/13/2001 06:56 PM you wrote - Thank you so much for your reply, I was amazed by the efficiency and quickness of your response. Still,I´ve seen in a few pro sound gear retailer websites, that they refer to the product we have talked about as a DFR11EQ5, note the "5" at the end. Is this a different or newer model? Thanks again and best regards.


The DFR11EQ should be placed between the mixer and the amplifier. Therefore, you can run as microphones as you wish into the mixer. The DFR11EQ will have no problem with 3 microphones plugged into your mixer. The DFR11EQ is a mono device and does not offer a stereo mode.

At 01/13/2001 08:40 PM we wrote - The DFR11EQ5 is the newer version 5 of the hardware and software. Version 5 software can be used with older version 3 and version 4 hardware.

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