What is new in GLX-D Firmware v2.0?

FAQ #4954 Updated August 25, 2017


What is new in GLX-D Firmware v2.0?


  • New Single User Group: optimized for single-channel users in extremely crowded, high-traffic RF environments.
    • Group 4 uses 27 backup frequencies to provide the system with the ultimate flexibility for a single user in harsh environments.
  • Improved LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management models the RF environment more accurately.
    • Receiver automatically finds and chooses the best starting point when selecting the Channel button (to scan) or Group button (to choose a new group).
    • As with the previous firmware version (v1), the system will continue to adjust as needed within that particular channel on any group with backup frequencies.
    • The scan may take slightly longer than with previous firmware versions, but improves system performance and stability.
  • Improved audio stability in marginal RF conditions
    • In rare cases, compromised RF conditions can result in an audible, high frequency tone being created by the system. This firmware update fully corrects this issue.

Note that all transmitters and receivers must run on the same firmware version to establish a link. Users adding or replacing transmitters in existing systems or installations will encounter connection issues until firmware is updated to the correct version on receivers with version 1 firmware.

How do I know if my transmitter and receiver aren't on the same firmware?
Simply put, your transmitter and receiver will not form a link. GLX-D systems will appear to "time out" when connecting (flashing green light and does not connect).

If your system is not functioning properly, download the Shure Update Utility application to obtain the latest firmware. The GLX-D transmitter and receiver must be on the same firmware version to operate correctly together.

Download the application from the Shure website and update the devices to the same firmware. Update instructions.

How do I know which Firmware Version a component is running?
Components in original retail packaging are wrapped in a poly bag, with a barcode label and Firmware version printed beneath it. Otherwise, connect to the Shure Update Utility to see which version firmware your components have installed.

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