What is a suitable mic for a violin?

FAQ #51 Updated September 17, 2017


Which mic is recommended for the violin? I usually play in live. Please give me a several models with a few details.


If you want to use a microphone mounted on the violin, consider the SM11. Its a small omnidirectional dynamic microphone that can be mounted using the optional RK279 Instrument Mounting Accessories.

If you want to use a microphone on a stand, consider the SM94 or SM81 or KSM137. The SM94 will accept a AA battery or phantom power. The SM81 and KSM137 require phantom power to operate and do not have a battery compartment.

Find out more information about these microphones on our web site. And there is also a wonderful booklet that you can download called "Microphone Techniques for Music Sound Reinforcement."

Also, view the article "Choosing the Right Mic" on our blog for more information.

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