WH30 - Wired and Wireless Use

FAQ #2988 Updated February 06, 2014


I want to use my WH30-XLR as a wired mic and as a wireless. How do I modify it?


1) Remove the WH30 cable where it enters the in-line preamp. Make detailed notes on how this cable is connected inside of the preamp. You will need this information in step 3.

2) Solder a Switchcraft TA4F connector to the bare ended cable, as follows:

shield to pin 1
red wire to pin 2
black wire to pin 3 and 4

3) Fabricate a short cable which will connect to the in-line preamp. The cable must be the same type as the cable attached to the WH30 headset. To this short cable, wire a Switchcraft TA4M connector (the mate to the TA4F). Wire the TA4M in step 2 and connect the bare end of the cable to the in-line preamp using the detailed notes from step 1 above.

4) The rewired WH30 headset can now be used with the in-line preamp or with any Shure wireless transmitter with a TA4M (four pin) input connector.

The Switchcraft connectors are available from: www.mouser.com


If the WH30-TQG is to be used as a wired mic, it must be paired with the RPM626 in-line preamp.  The RPM626 requires phantom power.

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