WA615M colored rings fit what transmitters?

FAQ #3552 Updated September 30, 2014


Does the WA615M colored ID rings fit all Shure wireless microphone transmitters?


The WA615M will fit the BLX, GLX-D, PG, PGX, QLX-D, SLX, ULX, ULX-D and UHF-R handheld transmitters.  The ring needs to be installed upside down for the PG2, PGX2, or SLX2 transmitter.  See example photos below.

For GLX-D, QLX-D and ULX-D, the battery compartment must be closed before installing the ring; slide the ring over the closed battery compartment cover. 


PG2 transmitter



SLX2 Transmitter

Image Image


ULX2 Transmitter

Image Image


UR2 Transmitter

Image Image


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