VP88 Voltage/Current Requirements

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I have a VP88 mike which I use in conjunction with a Canon XL1 camcorder. The mike is superb - no complaints there.

1) However in my application I have to use the 6v battery to power the mike. Or do I?

I am looking at powering the mike externally.

2) Can I power the mike from another source by attaching a couple of wires to the 6v battery connections?

3) If so what are the limits of voltage and required current?

4) For example can I use an external 9v or even 12v battery? Would that simply blow the power circuitry.

5) Another possibility is that the XL1 has a socket through which it provides power for an external mike. The supplied Canon mike uses this as it's power source. At this point I am not sure of the voltage and current provided by the source, but if it is within the tolerance of what the VP88 can handle, then I can simply wire this power supply from the XL1 to the 6v battery connections.


1) Yes, you need to use the internal 6 V battery in your application.

2) No.

3) The proper way to externally power the VP88 is via phantom power: What is Phantom Power?

4) You can use an external battery IF you built a phantom supply: Battery Powered Phantom Power Supply with Balanced Output

You will need two as each leg (the LEFT and the RIGHT) of the VP88 output must be powered.

5) This will not power the VP88. The Canon provides bias, not phantom.

Summary: Build or purchase two battery phantom supplies; OR use the internal 6V battery.

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