VP83F with iPhone

FAQ #4740 Updated September 15, 2017


Will the VP83 work with the iPhone? Do,I need any special cabling? If so where would suggest purchasing said cabling?


To use the VP83 with an iPhone requires the use of an adapter cable, such as this one:

Here is the reason: the VP83 output connector is a 3.5 mm  phone plug with three connection points: Tip - Ring - Sleeve.
Tip is the Left mic output; Ring is the Right right mic output; Sleeve is the common return for Left mic and Right mic.

The iPhone input connector is a 3.5 mm phone jack with four connection points: Tip - Ring 1 - Ring 2 - Sleeve.
Tip is Left earphone output; Ring 1 is Right earphone output; Ring 2 is common return for the earphones and the microphone; Sleeve is Mic input.
*Note: the iPhone Mic input is monaural...not stereo.

The VP83 to iPhone adapter must make these "wiring alterations":
VP83 Tip to iPhone Sleeve
VP83 Ring to iPhone Sleeve
VP83 Sleeve to iPhone Ring 2
* Note the adapter sums together the Left mic output and the Right mic output.

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