VP83 Rycote Windjammer Installation

FAQ #4354 Updated August 14, 2015


What's the best way to put the Rycote windjammer onto the Shure VP83 or VP83F?


  1. The VP83 foam windscreen remains in place.
  2. The Rycote is a snug fit and is designed to be snug.
  3. Place the Rycote over the front of the mic. Have the flat area (without fur) downward as it slips between the foam windscreen and the metal mic base.
  4. Gently pull one side of the Rycote and then the other. Alternate this pulling action - pulling the Rycote toward the Shure logo printed on the VP83. When properly fitted, the Rycote will partially cover the Shure logo.
  5. The elastic band, with the snap, fits around the bottom of the mic...but NOT touching any part of the shock mount or the shock mount elastic bands.

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