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I have come into possession of two matched loud speakers by the name of Shure VocalMasters. They look to be about 20 years old, I'm not certain on this. They have wooden cabinets that stand about 5'3" high, are about 1'4" wide and 9" deep. they are covered in a grey faux leather and have aluminum strips running down the sides of the front face. For speakers there are at the top and bottom 10" cones and between them are 4 8" cones. If it is not too much to ask, I would like to receive some info on these towers, where I could find replacement parts and what a fair asking price would be for these speakers if they were in top condition.


1. Information is at: http://pubs.shure.com/guide/VA300-S/en-US

2. Shure no longer has replacement parts as the product was discontinued in 1981.

3. Shure does not offer pricing advice on old products. Consider searching e-bay, an online auction service.

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