VHF wireless in a partitioned room.

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We have a ballroom that can be broken into two smaller rooms. An airwall can be pulled splitting the large room into two smaller rooms. How can I place antennas so that the wireless microphones will get picked up if the room is combined or not combined?


Using two VHF wireless systems with a divisible room

Some applications call for a VHF wireless system to be used in two adjoining rooms, such as might be created when a hotel ballroom is divided into two smaller rooms by a movable wall. To ensure good performance, it is usually necessary to install antennas in both rooms.

One antenna should be placed in each side of the divisible room. Place the antennas close to where the air wall is, but leave the two antennas at least 3-6 feet away from each other.

Use only the WA380 or WA490 Half-wave antennas. The standard steel whip antennas supplied with Shure VHF wireless systems cannot be remote mounted.

RG58 cable can be used between the antenna and the WA470 for lengths up to 50 feet. For longer lengths, contact Applications Engineering at 847-600-8440.

Click here  for information on cables needed to remote VHF antennas.



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