Vertical polar pattern of MX392 mic

FAQ #305 Updated July 17, 2007


Your manual includes the typical polar patterns for the MX392 series mics. However, I assume that these are patterns in the horizontal plane. What about the vertical plane? Since the mic is on a boundary, we only have 180 degrees to work with. Where would 0 degrees be? On the table boundary, or at the approx 60 degree angle the mic is facing?
I'm asking this question because the installation I am doing has speakers above the mic location, so I am looking for the optimum angle for mic placement to avoid feedback.


Zero degrees is the table boundary, directly in front of the word "PUSH". If the MX392 is suspended in mid-air, the pattern looks like a standard mic, ignoring the minor effect of the MX392 bottom plate which is a small boundary itself. Placing the MX392 on a table surface essentially divides the polar pattern in half. The larger the table, the greater the boundary effect is at lower frequencies. Note that a 100 Hz acoustical signal is 11 feet long!

If you use the MX392 supercardioid pattern, the optimal loudspeaker placement would be 120 degrees away from 0 degrees.

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