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FAQ #779 Updated August 03, 2017


I have a UT4 receiver and a UT1 transmitter.

What is the proper method of setup for this wireless system?

How should the gain be set on the UT1 and the volume on the UT4 be configured for various situations?

I have tried different configurations and suggestions but can't seem to get the performance I had anticipated.

I used this mostly for pastors who move around a lot on the platform and I also use this for weddings on the groom.

I use it occasionally outdoors. Sometimes it is windy and you get the typical wind noise.

Any suggestions?

Do you have a white wireless? I have been trying to find one for use on brides.


1. Please review the UT Series User guide
2. Please read this booklet: Audio Systems Guide for Video Production
3. For speech applications, set the UT1 transmitter gain to maximum. Set the UT4 volume only as high as required by the input to your camera or mixer.
4. Wind noise can only be controlled minimally. Use omnidirectional mics and foam windscreens outdoors.
5. The Shure WL50W mic is white and will connect to the UT1 transmitter.

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