Using the M44-7 for listening rather than scratching

FAQ #1073 Updated June 30, 2015


I used to use the M44-7 for scratching. But since I am no longer into scratching I using the same for just listening pleasure at home with a new styli and its good.

You have mentioned that DJ cartridges are not recommended for home use. Is there any particular reason?

Do I have to replace my cartridge with a non DJ cartridges? Please advise.


Typically, the phonograph cartridges that you want to use for regular home listening should have a tracking weight of less than 2 grams and be flexible (compliant) to reduce wear on the vinyl.

DJ cartridges tend to be less compliant and use a heavier tracking force so that the stylus won't skip and break in use.

To prevent excessive wear on a long term basis, a hi-fi cartridge is best.

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