Using T series transmitter with L series receiver

FAQ #787 Updated August 02, 2007


My employer had purchased a Shure LS24/58 unknown years ago: model L4 and L2/58, frequency of operation 171.845 Mhz. Unfortunately, someone stole the transmitter. The L series is no longer made, but the T2/58 is listed as a current model that can be purchased to operate at that frequency.

Can you check your production records by s/n and tell me if a T2/58 transmitter will work with our L4 receiver and which dot group, red or blue, to specify if we order a new hand-held transmitter?


The model number you are seeking is: T2/58-W. (Red Dot or Blue Dot is irrelevant in this case.) It will work perfectly with the L4-W receiver you own.

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