Using Shure E Series earpieces for individuals with hearing loss

FAQ #2815 Updated July 31, 2007


Are Shure E Series earphones effective when used by someone with a hearing loss?


Shure has received letters from individuals who have hearing loss, and who have had difficulties with current hearing aid products. They claim the Shure earphones are perfect for their needs. Note that Shure did not design the earphones specifically for persons with hearing loss and we cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same success as other customers. However, the Shure earphones are designed to block out outside noise and allow the user to hear music or other sources more clearly by reducing ambient noise within the ear canal.

We strongly recommend consulting your doctor before trying the Shure product. Consider the E1c since custom molds may be purchased for this earphone.

Like any earphone or headphone, a separate volume control may be inserted between Shure earphones and the source to control levels. The earphones do not have a built in volume control. The E5c includes a separate volume control designed for use on airplanes or anywhere you do not have control of the source level. This is a separate part and you do not have to use it with the product if you can control the source level. The Shure volume control is also sold separately.

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