Using an SC transmitter with an L Series receiver

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I would like to know if a SC2-CE SM58 mic and transmitter will work with an old L4 Marcad Diversity reciever? Thank you for any help.

---- 08/07/2001 09:53 AM ----------------------------------------------
How do I find out if they match?

---- 08/07/2001 10:28 AM ----------------------------------------------
the freq. of the L4 is 196.600

---- 08/08/2001 05:43 PM ----------------------------------------------
what recievers will work with the SC2-CE sm58 mic and transmitter?

---- 08/09/2001 01:24 PM ----------------------------------------------
Thank you very much for your help. You guys have been great!!


If the transmitter frequency matches the L4 receiver frequency, the units will operate together.

At 08/07/2001 10:52 AM we wrote - The CE code = 182.2 MHz. This does not match the 196.6 MHz of the L4.

At 08/09/2001 07:26 AM we wrote - T3-CE. T4N-CE. LX3-CE. LX4-CE. SC4-CE.

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